Hi. I'm Kate.

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I'm a coach. And I love working with people as they create the lives they want. Ultimately I decided to become a coach after I experienced the life-changing impact of being coached when I hired one to help me navigate a career transition. 

Working with a coach helped me pivot quickly to a new career and I also saw how I could cut down the undermining stories I told myself and break through the arbitrary limits I set. I've continued to work with a coach and as a working parent of two small kids, it's helped me navigate how I want to be showing up in my roles of professional, mother, wife, friend, and Kate the person. Through my work with my coach I continue to push the boundaries of my business, my involvement with community, my running mileage, my relationships, my role as a mother and as a partner. And I coach others because I want everyone else to experience the excitement and ease that's present when you realize you can create the life you want and get it.

I've worked in nonprofits and businesses for 18+ years. I've launched businesses, volunteered on nonprofit boards, made 180-degree career turns, experienced being unexpectedly unemployed, and spent time as a stay-at-home parent before returning to work. I appreciate every twist and turn of my career and when I became a coach it felt like I was finally where I was meant to be. I completed my coach training with Accomplishment Coaching and am working on my InternationaI Coach Federation accreditation. I'm a board member of The Inc., a coworking space for parents and I lead PEPS groups for new parents. I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and our two young boys.