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I coach people to quickly and powerfully start living the life they want. I'll work with you to figure out where you want to go in your life, career, business, relationships, and more - coaching you to move past what gets in the way of your dreams and ambitions. I offer massive amounts of support and accountability along the way so there's only one direction to go - forward.


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You're ready to take your career, goals, and life to the next level. And you want someone alongside you to make sure you get there. Someone who will shine the light on where you can go big, who will support you in figuring where and why you're spinning your wheels, and who will encourage you to demand more from your life.

In individual coaching you and I will work one-on-one on a weekly basis to get you to your goals and change your life in ways where you'll never look back. We'll have conversations that go deep and create the catalyst for you to start living the life you want. You bring the commitment to making a shift in your life and the willingness to be unstoppable, and I'll make sure you're on the most direct path to the life you want.


Coaching for


Your team is good - you're effective, you collaborate well with each other, and you're engaged in your work. But you have a hunch that the team could be more - more influential, more courageous, more connected, and (even) more valuable to your organization. (You might possibly see the potential for more fun.) But you're not sure how to get there or where to start.

Together we'll pinpoint what's getting in the way of your team reaching its goals. Then we'll put into practice actions that will disrupt your group's predictable patterns so you can quickly become the team that's delivering incredible value across your organization. 


Coaching Groups Starting Summer 2018

For Parents and Emerging Leaders


Group Coaching for


FOR  Parents of all stages of life - no matter what age your children are. This group is geared toward people who are raising kiddos and who want to take on creating something new for themselves - a pivot in their career, building a business, more time for taking care of well-being, making space for relationships, or other goals that never seem to get attention and focus. This group will be brimming with empathy for what it means to be a parent and will bring massive accountability and support for you to crush your goals, no matter what the circumstances.

WHEN  Starting July 9, 2018, meeting every Monday from 11:15AM - 12:30PM through December 17, 2018. No sessions on August 27 or September 3. Sessions will be held in-person at The Inc. a nonprofit co-working space for parents in Greenlake, Seattle. Childcare options (additional fees apply) may be available on-site - contact me if you're interested.

Excited about Group Coaching for Parents but not able to meet in-person? Contact me and let's explore options.

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Group Coaching for

Emerging Leaders

FOR  Early and mid-career professionals who are ready to take their lives to the next level. You're ready to make a change in your career or maybe you see your path to leadership within your current role and want to get there faster. Or maybe you have goals for yourself outside of your career. We'll harness all of your innate gumption and ambition and use it to catapult you forward in all areas of your life.  

WHEN  Starting July 10, 2018, meeting every Tuesday from 3:30PM - 4:45PM Pacific through December 18, 2018. No session August 28. Sessions will be held virtually using Zoom video calls.

See something you could make happen for yourself with the support of coaching and a team? Let's talk!


What You Get in Group Coaching

Six months of weekly, intensive coaching that will get you in action, celebrate your wins, and wrap you in so much support and accountability that you will have nowhere to go but forward. This is group coaching so you'll be coached by me alongside three other people who are committed to their own goals. The group size is intentionally small so that we create a community that's dedicated to each other's successes and also have the time to develop the deep insights that will propel you forward.

Outside of your session, I'm available for on-the-spot coaching and support. Additionally, you and the group can decide how you want to support each other outside of the weekly sessions and beyond.