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I coach people to quickly and powerfully start living the life they want. I'll work with you to figure out where you want to go in your life, career, business, relationships, and more - coaching you to move past what gets in the way of your dreams and ambitions. I offer massive amounts of support and accountability along the way so there's only one direction to go - forward.


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You're ready to take your career, goals, and life to the next level. And you want someone alongside you to make sure you get there. Someone who will shine the light on where you can go big, who will support you in figuring where and why you're spinning your wheels, and who will encourage you to demand more from your life.

In individual coaching you and I will work one-on-one on a weekly basis to get you to your goals and change your life in ways where you'll never look back. We'll have conversations that go deep and create the catalyst for you to start living the life you want. You bring the commitment to making a shift in your life and the willingness to be unstoppable, and I'll make sure you're on the most direct path to the life you want.


Power Session

Have an idea that you want to get traction on? Considering a couple of options in your life and feeling stuck in making a decision? Looking for time to bring intention and focus to a current endeavor so you can move forward quickly? We’ll schedule a half-day session where we will dive deep, think expansively, brainstorm what’s possible, and create the clarity and plan for action that you want. Afterwards we’ll set-up time for a follow-up session four to six weeks after our Power Session.


Coaching for


Your team is good - you're effective, you collaborate well with each other, and you're engaged in your work. But you have a hunch that the team could be more - more influential, more courageous, more connected, and (even) more valuable to your organization. (You might possibly see the potential for more fun.) But you're not sure how to get there or where to start.

Together we'll pinpoint what's getting in the way of your team reaching its goals. Then we'll put into practice actions that will disrupt your group's predictable patterns so you can quickly become the team that's delivering incredible value across your organization. 


Coaching Groups

Starting October 2019


Group Coaching for

Recent Graduates

FOR  Recent college graduates (graduated in the past five years) who are curious about developing their personal and professional leadership. You’re wondering what’s the next step in building your leadership or maybe you see a path to leadership in your current role and want to get there faster. And perhaps you have goals for yourself outside of your career - travel, community involvement, finances, well-being. We’ll spend six months together, focused on your goals and how to clear the path to get you there.

WHEN  Thursdays, 9:30AM - 10:45PM Pacific time zone, from October 10, 2019 - March 26, 2020. We will meet the first, second, and fourth Thursdays of each month. The third Thursday will be a week for you to focus on your coaching projects and will include a checkin with Kate. Schedule note for December: Group will meet on December 19 and not meet December 26. Sessions will be held virtually using Zoom video calls.

See something you could make happen for yourself with the support of coaching and a team? Let's talk!


Group Coaching for


FOR  Parents of all stages of life - no matter what age your children are. This group is geared toward people who are raising kiddos and who want to take on creating something new for themselves - a pivot in their career, building a business, more time for taking care of well-being, making space for relationships, or other goals that never seem to get attention and focus. This group will be brimming with empathy for what it means to be a parent and will bring massive accountability and support for you to crush your goals, no matter what the circumstances.

WHEN  Check back in Fall 2019 for 2020 session dates or contact Kate to learn more.


What You Get in Group Coaching

Six months of weekly, intensive coaching that will get you in action, celebrate your wins, and wrap you in so much support and accountability that you will have nowhere to go but forward. This is group coaching so you'll be coached by me alongside four other people who are committed to their own goals. The group size is intentionally small so that we create a community that's dedicated to each other's successes and also have the time to develop the deep insights that will propel you forward.

Outside of your session, I'm available for on-the-spot coaching and support. Additionally, you and the group can decide how you want to support each other outside of the weekly sessions and beyond.


Clients Say ...

I started working with Kate when I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and aimless. On the surface everything seemed “fine” but I was unhappy and unclear about why I was feeling so listless. From the very first consultation with Kate, she created a space for me to be vulnerable and honest about how I was feeling and she was able to guide me toward understanding what was going on and figuring out that I had the power to determine what steps to take to fix it.

I chose to invest in her coaching services, and in only six months she helped me foster a new sense of professional and lifestyle direction, confidence and freedom to pursue living the life I truly wanted but hadn’t been awake to. Her ability to gently but firmly coach me to look within and answer truthfully what I wanted allowed me to take my game to the next level. I highly recommend working with her.
— B.A.

In working with Kate for about six months, I really started to unlock a lot more of my own personal strengths I wasn’t aware I had. I felt like a shadow of myself, and was confused why life just wasn’t clicking. We focused in on what I wanted to fix in myself. Detailing out and obsessing over my goals and interests for an even brighter future. And most importantly she gave me the space and the clarity to realize my life was and has always been pretty bright and the power to change less than desirable outcomes was within me the entire time.

I’m so very thankful for the time dedicated to myself that Kate provided to me. Oh! And with this clarity I was able to get what has been a dream job at a company that aligns with my personal mission, prioritize myself, and most importantly realize what I bring to the table and my own worth.
— Johanna M.

I went into coaching with the overwhelming goal of clarifying who I am and how to get there. Among other big life changes, a rough pregnancy and postpartum recovery had me feeling like a shell of who I was and what I had hoped to do with my career. My first call with Kate was a rollercoaster of emotions that pulled together all of my passions, wrapped them up into a perfectly logical little package, and left me with a roadmap and complete reassurance that I can and WILL get there.

Kate is authentic, empathetic, and has an incredible way of finding the perfect words to sum everything up (honestly, it blows my mind). The unexpected value of small group sessions is in sharing the joys and struggles of pursuing our dreams while also raising amazing kids and supporting our families. Working with Kate has been an investment into myself (and in turn my family) that will pay off well into the future, and I consider myself so lucky to have found her when I needed it the most.
— Ashley W. - Common Matter

When I started working with Kate, I was disoriented and anxious from the end of a 7-year relationship and a job search that was going nowhere. With levity and sensitivity, Kate identified some survival mechanisms that were keeping me stuck, and she helped me navigate the post-break up period with my ex in a loving way that allowed us to stay connected and build a new version of our relationship.

Over the next several months, I worked with Kate to create various projects around my areas of transition: new job, new relationship, new housing, new financial goals. We also started looking at bigger questions about what kind of life I want to build and what areas I want to explore and nurture (travel, relationship, meaningful work). Kate supported me week after week, gently keeping me accountable, listening for both the fear and boldness that influenced my decision-making, and helping me to see new possibilities in challenges that seemed big and insurmountable.
— Aldan S.

As a new business owner, I entered into coaching seeking support in moving my business forward faster. There’s something almost magical about working with Kate. Week after week, she asks the kinds of questions that make it possible to see each issue that is slowing me down, from a completely new angle. Things that seemed impossible, like scaling my business in a way that preserves my personal, creative, and ethical objectives, have shifted into the realm of possibility. Kate has a supportive and challenging style that is completely led by a participant’s own desires.

I have been lucky enough to participate in Kate’s group coaching with other parents of young children at The Inc. A masterful facilitator, Kate creates a safe, nurturing environment where each of us feels connected to one another and supported in our diverse goals.
— Rachel Alva - Stitch Octopus